Sugar Baby Cindy

Cindy / 22

My SB name is Cindy. They told me that I look like Cindy Crawford, so I stuck with that. I didn’t know the importance of a name for marketing purposes. Since I found out, it has made a huge difference. Before I got into sugar dating, I would make $11 per hour working as an assistant. I have a 10 month old son who has a deadbeat dad that doesn’t do anything to support him. Without the money to provide for the most basic of our needs, I would cry myself to sleep on my stepmother’s couch worrying if I would be able to put food on the table the next day. I desperately searched for a way to get out of the hell I was living, and that’s how I came across Sugar Baby Jobs. I applied and they soon called me in for an interview, reassuring me that I could do very well. I was extremely nervous just about coming to meet them, but they let me talk more with one of the girls that was working for them. She was a single mom, just like me, and we became friends in no time. I still want to focus on my teaching career, but honestly, without this work, I would be constantly struggling to get by. I only date Sugar Daddys on Sundays from 12PM to 6PM. They provide me with amazing options and I usually go home with about $1,000 in cash. Sugar Baby Jobs taught me everything. I keep my life very private and, since I work around kids, I can’t have my identity exposed. I like the way they do business and how fair they are to all sugar babies. I basically just show up, go on a few dates and in a few hours I walk away with a good amount of money. I know if I worked full time I could make more, and I’m considering it for in the future.

Sugar Baby Tamara

Tamara / 24

I saw a job listing on Craigslist for Sugar Baby Jobs and I was curious. I checked out their website, look through their Sugar Baby blog and decided to contact them. I drove my broken down beater to Chicago where it eventually died. I had to leave it on the side of the street and asked them to call me an Uber. I arrived at the office and was stressed out of my mind. I didn’t sleep the night before because of the anxiety about starting this new adventure. Back then, I worked at TGI Fridays. I have a baby girl with a guy who was actually deported from the country because he was here illegally. So there I was, on my own, working a terrible job with a bipolar restaurant manager who hated me. When I got to the Sugar Baby Jobs office, I kind of freaked out just from all the stress and pressure. They were very kind and told me it was ok. I told them I couldn’t any appointments, and they said it was no problem whatsoever. At that point, I think I wasn’t prepared mentally and all I wanted was to go back home and in my pathetic comfort zone. They weren’t upset and told me I was always welcome to try again. So they took me to the train station and I went back to my miserable life. About a month later, they reached out to me to ask how I was doing. I was honest and asked if I could try again. They warmly confirmed that their door is open for me anytime I’m ready. The following week, I worked up the courage to go back for another visit. I took the train down because my car was worthless and impounded. I met a few more girls this time, and they were all really nice. Most were a bit younger than me, but they reassured me that I would be fine. That day I made $600. It was more money then I made working a whole week at TGI Fridays! I stayed in town for 3 more days and came home with over $3,500! After that, I knew I could do much more for myself and my kid if I kept working in this industry.

Sugar Baby Ivanka

Ivanka / 19

I responded to an ad I found online for young job-seekers and was very interested in finding out more about this type of work. I was enrolled in dental school and worked full time at a dental office for $12 per hour. My parents came from Lithuania and they struggled to give me the opportunities that they never had. My dad works as a truck driver across the country and my mom cleans homes. They have had to work so hard just to survive and have the little things in life. They came here as a young couple and now they have lost their youth and didn’t enjoy life at all… I don’t want that. I know life is best when you are young and beautiful. But who is young and has money? Not many people. Just on TV… and I’m not a Kardashian, so I need to work like everyone else. But I want to work smart, as well as hard. Going to school for 8 years and paying off so much student debt just to start living well in my mids-30s is not my idea of a good life. I don’t want the life of my parents. I want to enjoy life right now! So this appealed to me. I came into the office and, like everyone else, I was really nervous. However, things were professional and fast paced. Within a few hours I had over $500 in my hands… I told them after a year I would leave my job and do this part time. Well… lol… after one week I told them I would quit my job after 6 months… the money was just too good. Finally, the next week I told the dental office manager “I quit my job!!!” As a sugarbaby, I usually earn around $18,000 per month. I work full time. I just moved into the city and I have three days off per week. I enjoy my life. I buy what I want, when I want it. I bought a new car all by myself. Now I am going to put money down on a beautiful condo… I hope to have it all paid off before my 20th birthday… I want a lot from life. And I am determined to get it!

You will thank yourself later!