SugarBabyJobs vs other SugarDaddy websites

First of all, let’s set the record straight. Seeking Arrangements, Sugar Baby, Arrangement Finders and other sugarbaby websites are dangerous. Not only are they a literal threat to your life, but they’re also a complete waste of precious time you could have invested in a more lucrative activity.

This is an important update for anyone using or thinking about using Seeking Arrangement/

There is a website called USASG (USA Sex Guide). In this website men discuss sugarbaby profiles from Seeking Arrangement aka They are sharing intimate photos of girls that have been sent to them privately. They are also sharing and uploading secret videos and pics of girls doing sexual acts.

They are posting these pics along side the girl’s Seeking profile. Some of them also disclose the girl’s real name and other private information. So if a family member or potential employer were to google search your name they could find this compromising data. The men are discussing detailed observations that are quite shocking. And it is attached to a link from the girls profile. Since it is a public forum where anyone can join and get your private information that was posted without your knowledge, we strongly suggest not using at all. Some of the worst sex offenders and creeps use that website and they are basically hunting these girls. They have all your information posted and you won’t even know who or where these men are coming from. Some forum members have even posted the locations of where girls are working so creeps can stop by and check them out secretly. Even after you have deleted your profile men are still posting your photos and life information. It’s a game for them. We suggest to not put yourself in such a compromising position. Be smart.

Looking for Sugar Baby Online
  1. How would you feel if your family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances and even random strangers saw you on a sugarbaby/sugardaddy platform? That’s exactly what will happen if you are looking for sugar daddy through these sites. They show your face everywhere. They expose you to everyone. In this business, you should never be showcased for all to see, unless you expressly desire so. However, you can’t expect a blurred photo to attract the right men to your profile. At Sugar Baby Jobs, our advanced system guarantees complete anonymity from the public eye.
  1. How do you know you will return safely from a date? What if you go to a supposedly wealthy man’s home and you never come back? Who would know where you are? Who would check up on you? Without any form of reputable protection, those websites could be your one-way ticket to being locked up in a basement in a living nightmare. Even if your family or friends try to find out where you are, they wouldn’t know how, and by then it would be too late. Shocking as it may seem, and other Sugar dating websites couldn’t care less about your safety when money is all they have in mind. As part of the Sugar Baby Jobs promise, we monitor you step by step. We know how long a date should last and call you before and after each arrangement. If you don’t answer your phone when your date is over we will call the police, if necessary. For us, there is no higher priority than safety.
  2. So, how do you really know you’re not meeting up with a deranged man? How can you be sure your date is healthy, both mentally and physically? How can you be certain that you receive the compensation as promised? There is no guarantee without SBJ. With Sugar Baby Jobs, you benefit from thorough background checks on 100% of the gentlemen you will meet. We know all about their past and present. We know their psychological profile and their intentions. We even know where they work and live. They know this as well. When men know that we have such sensitive information they tend to behave themselves. Can you imagine how they would act if you were not able to have such leverage?
  1. Do you know what laws are involved in this industry? Are you aware of the potential legal issues that could occur when working with an unprofessional sugar daddy website or app? If you agree to the wrong arrangement or even say the wrong word, you could be arrested, charged, and have a prostitution conviction on your record. Try to explain that to a potential landlord or employer, or worse, your family and friends. Can you even imagine how that would affect your future? We fully inform, train and prepare the sugarbabies that work with us, so they know how to handle any situation. Our team walks you through the process and explains all the legal aspects in terms you understand.
Sugar Baby Seeking Arrangements
  1. As a newcomer, how do you know how much money to charge for an arrangement? What if you get tricked into accepting much less than you should? Sometimes thousands less? Don’t expect these websites to accurately guide you towards the rates you deserve. They’re all about profit, but not your profit. Our team of seasoned professionals at Sugar Baby Jobs know all the ins and outs of the business. We take it as our duty to inform you of the amounts you should be asking for.  We are the consultants that know your worth and make sure that the gentlemen will live up to it.

You will thank yourself later!